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Be Given to the Soil

by Over the Ocean

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Nerve Salad I'd like to take this time to extend a personal apology to Over The Ocean for not finding them sooner. Besides being not what I expected AT ALL, it's an incredible work. This feels like the end of Summer, the last scoop of ice cream, the final episode. It's melancholy, beautiful, spacious, bleak, and hopeful. And the heaviness of the rhythm is pretty stabby. Not your typical rock band...
TONY ZAGORAIOS Its one of those bands that really know how to write interesting and beautiful songs to remember..Great voice.. Favorite track: God In My Own Image.
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From the very beginning, Over the Ocean set out to create music that stops listeners in their tracks. Listening to the band's new album, "Be Given to the Soil," is as if you were sitting in a room watching them sweat out every ounce of passion that was poured tirelessly into each song. Thematically and musically, the arrangements are darker, heavier and more sparse at points than the band's previous effort, all the while delivering the same level of lyrical complexity that fans grew to love on their debut. "Be Given to the Soil" swan dives right into the soul, plunging the unexplained inner depths of the human condition. From start to finish the record offers raw, gut-wrenching wrestling with the eternal. Each song proclaims the loudness of humanity’s inner life – truth, doubt and struggle wrapped up in a disturbingly clear package.

In an era of the immediate and temporary, Over the Ocean has crafted something timeless. "Be Given to the Soil" is not for the faint of heart and mustn't be approached half-heartedly. You will either be sonically immersed into a landscape of seeming sonic dysfunction held together by a heart-piercing rhythm section, or you will refuse its advances altogether. "Be Given to the Soil" is available now exclusively on limited edition double vinyl on Seattle's Spartan Records.


released April 30, 2013

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Jeremy S.H. Griffith at Singing Serpent Studios in New York City.



all rights reserved


Over the Ocean Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: Herons
you can see the herons
fly across the lake
you can hear those lonesome
wretched sounds they make
I have seen my own soul
reflected on the water
I have seen the sky turn black
and a storm is coming, a storm is coming on

and I say to myself
I have always been a good man

never hurt

but I can be cruel, I can be cruel
just push me now and see what I can do

there’s a distance my legs will never cross
between the sacred and the obscene
Track Name: Riverbed
my friend died
in a car crash
spun out on the ice
rolled into a riverbed
it’s a hard thing to understand

tires up
with the headlights on
and the water rushing
left until the morning came
it’s a hard thing to understand

when you take
all the best
for yourself

when you take
and you take
and you take
Track Name: God In My Own Image
I don’t want to worship a god
I made in my own image
and what’s the use of a savior
who depends on my righteousness
maybe I’ve been seeing things wrong
maybe I don’t know you at all
maybe I’ve been seeing things wrong
maybe you’re not so much like me
oh holy ghost
please unravel my illusions

when the perfect comes
the imperfect will pass away
when I know you
my perceptions won’t mean anything

Who are you
can I know you
in this life
in this body
with this sick, apathetic heart
or am I too far

when the perfect comes
the imperfect will pass away
when I know you
my perceptions won’t mean anything
so show me who you are
show me who you really are
Track Name: Obscene
When I said your name, I made it obscene. Your beautiful name, the name that sounds like cool water, was a curse in my mouth. I meant to say it like light on the edges of clouds, but it came out filthy. Believe me I thought about it. I thought about it, and I decided I would never say your name again. But I couldn’t do it. Because the time you said my name, you made it sound like it never sounded before. You made it sound like the day the azaleas bloom. After the rain, when the colors are so bright, and the birds fly in and out of the bushes, that’s what you called me. So here I am, putting the perfect word in a rusty can to drag behind me. I rattle and clang, and even whisper when I have to, just hoping you’ll say it again.

I know the curtain was torn
but there is still
this veil
of skin
and bone
that divides
you and me
Track Name: Air In My Lungs
in silence

I feel your wings
across my face

you live so close
the air in my lungs
and so far
places my body cannot go

you hide yourself
in a black cloud
thunder and lightning all around
how can you live inside of me
how can I live inside of you
Track Name: Kiss the Ground
you are my home

I kiss the ground
you’ve walked across
I throw my body down
across your muddy path

you have shown to me
the way of life
I have no love outside of you
there is no love
outside of you
Track Name: Owl
You know I went blind years ago,
from staring at a woman in flames
I was a kid with no shame
and she stood naked in that cave
and now all I see is her silver silhouette
and now all I see is her silver silhouette

There is a spirit who crosses these woods at night
I only know him from the sound of his wings
beating the air, breaking branches, scattering the leaves
sometimes he calls to me, but I just haven’t got the ears to hear

In these quiet and snowed in woods
among the withered leafless trees
you may see by the light of a forgotten day
a spotless owl spread his wings
fly away toward a purple gleam on the horizon
fly away toward a purple gleam and you can hear him sing

O, open your eyes
this world is not so black and white
there is a color that will not die
the dawn of the day that never ends
the dawn of the day that never ends
the dawn of the day that never ends
Track Name: Arguing Philosophies
I come here
to find you
to let you speak
whatever is on your mind
I will not interrupt
I will not twist your words
I will not plug my ears
and tell you that I can’t hear

you are not who I thought you were

I spent my whole life
talking about what you’ve said
arguing philosophies
trying to give you a name

Spent my whole life
but now I’m through
with arguing philosophies
trying to give you my name

The earth and sky shake
at the weight of your words
and I saw the rain fall
I heard you speak
I heard you speak straight into me

In the silence of snow
in the stillness of cold
in the frozen air
I find you there
Track Name: Ecology
when I am returned to you
it will be with the greatest joy
though I have understood nothing in this life
you have shown me only kindness and beauty.

so let my unpreserved body
be given to the soil
let the continents drift
let the valleys be raised up
and let the mountains slide into the great blue ocean
Track Name: In this Darkness
When I am far
you are not far
from me

when I am running
you are not far
from me

I was born to know you
in this darkness
I will find you
you are not far
you are not far
you are not far
you are not far
Track Name: Someone has to Bleed
I tore my mother
when we parted
and I tore my lover
when we first joined

now she carries
a piece of me inside of her
I will carry
a piece of her upon my shoulders

oh, you are a holy mystery
I say your name is love
and it’s as close to truth
as I may ever come

I call you divine
but still you frustrate me
why is it love
always means someone has to bleed

and I know you bleed

My thoughts
are not your thoughts